Leadership Training

Transform from your core. Sailaja’s approach is Ontological i.e., study of the being itself. She delves into what it means to be human and the possibilities that we are capable of creating through our leadership skills. This approach leads to constructive and sustainable shifts in our life and leadership.


Here’s what we do:

• Deconstruct the psychological habits and behaviour patterns that have helped you in personal and professional life
• Provoke you to go on a radical journey of self-discovery and self enquiry
• Support you to step out of your recurrent and repetitive patterns
• Redesign your strategies to recreate your best self as a leader
• Take a stand for yourself, so you live upto your purpose and potential
• Work with your mind, body and spirit for reprogramming yourself for success
• Scale up the effectiveness of your leadership presence


Her work is grounded in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, somatic awareness, breath work, neuro linguistic programming and systemic thinking. All of these aspects including spiritual wisdom are interwoven into the course along with a few sessions of one-on-one coaching.

For: CEOs, Business heads, Functional heads, Management teamsan impact at work and/or in your field at large.


• Identify your limiting narratives and establish new beliefs for powerful actions
• Embark on a new journey of radical self enquiry
• Declare a future that inspire others to take action
• Lead from a place of self-awareness, trust, authenticity and centeredness
• Enhance and tap into your intuitive intelligence and wisdom
• Handle uncertainty with greater efficiency by developing an inner sense of security

What People Say

For: High performing women leaders


The program is specially designed for high-potential women executives, and equip them with the knowledge to elevate their organizational role. To fully move up at the top and go big in your career, you need to break-free from personal blocks and narratives that hold back and undermine one’spotential.

Sailaja helps clients do the inner work needed to play their bigger game and design their next steps.

What People Say

For: Executive teams, working teams, and community leaders


Develop a cohesive and efficient team that gets results.
Sailaja has worked with executive teams, working teams, and community leaders to create the environment and provide the context for meaningful conversations to generate the future they want.

Leadership Coaching

It expands your leadership repertoire and magnifies the power of your presence as a leader. Coaching shifts the perspective as a leader allowing new solutions to emerge that didn’t exist before. Accelerate your leadership development by building relational and conversational capabilities that are essential to lead at the top.

Sai helps you move beyond the old psychological patterns and behaviours, to develop your presence and power. These are bespoke development sessions that provide steam to your leadership journey.