Designed with the belief and ambition that emerging women leaders must play bigger and bolder roles, our Step Up and Step Up Plus programs help women expand their horizons at work and redefine their goals. Women leaders bring to the table unique emotional sensibilities, worldly wisdom and do-the-right-thing kind of integrity, which are exactly what the world needs now more than ever.

Step inside your psyche and become more aware of who you are and what are the experiences that shaped you.

Stepping out of the blocks and shadows that hold us back using specific practices and presence based tools. Learn new actions you can take and begin using these immediately.

Define a new game and step up action, stretch out of our comfort using the tools provided. Action these and be seen, heard and make an impact at work and/or in your field at large.

For: Women with 7+ years of work experience

• 14 modules over 4 months
• Practice from week 1 with measurable impact
• 13 video modules, reflection sheets, daily practices
• 8 Q&A live calls with Sai
• Live discussion forums

Women face unique and varied challenges as they ascend to leadership positions. Step-up to actualise your full potential and channelise your strength to make stronger, more impactful professional choices.

• Develop inner eyes and ears for yourself
• Overcome self doubt
• Show up with your presence
• Learn self care practices
• Discover tools for powerful conversations
• Define your new game
• Be seen and heard
• Stand rooted in your strengths

Why Step Up
Content and Design

For: Women leaders with 15-20+ years of work experience

• 12 months
• 10 days face-to-face workshop
• 10 live calls
• Online content and regular assignments

Designed specifically for accomplished women leaders or women in senior positions, to explore and amplify completely new dimensions of leadership.

Maximise your impact Shift your paradigm to expand your capacity as a leader. Designed to help women with leadership profiles lead with ambition and purpose, Step Up Plus guides you to script a new trajectory in life and work.

• Build understanding of your unique leadership style, personal impact and legacy
• Build conversational intelligence to contribute to change and transformation in teams and beyond
• Drive forward actions rooted in your strengths and purpose
• Generate new opportunities and outcomes to play the bigger game
• Lead with greater influence, power and presence

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