Deep-dive into your inner being for heightened self-awareness and lead yourself from this place. An established framework of psychology, Transactional Analysis invites you to rethink your approach to life and relationships while giving you tools to shift into a space of life-mastery.

Through these, you can:
• Know your personality
• Become aware of internal processes within you
• Understand and change the behaviour patterns and beliefs that limit you
• Enhance your communication for better interpersonal relationships
• Learn to express yourself while maintaining healthy boundaries in any relationship

For a holistic, transformational experience that elevates the personal, professional and social aspects of your life, opt for our 3-level Transactional Analysis 360° course.

For revolutionising yourself with a keen focus on your professional life to enrich your leadership for amplified results in your organisation, opt for Transactional Analysis for Workspace

Transactional Analysis 360°:
Broadly categorised into three different levels of learning, Transactional Analysis 360° offers you a complete immersion with transactional analysis, right from a beginners introduction that makes you eligible for further courses, to in-depth understanding that can prepare you to be a psychotherapist.

For: Women leaders with 15-20+ years of work experience


Level 1: Beginners
For: For anyone seeking personal awareness


Globally recognised certification from International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA).


Duration: 2 Days
Begin your journey to self mastery. Understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in order to script a new story for life. Post this 2-day workshop, you are eligible to move onto the next level of learning in Transactional Analysis.


• Communication skills for excellence in human relations
• Motivation skills for excellence in emotional intelligence
• Stress and Time management skills for excellence in managing self
• Assertiveness skills for excellence in personal development
• Problem solving skills and learning about emotions for effective living

Level 2: Intermediate

For: For anyone seeking personal mastery


Duration: 1 year

Magnify your personal and professional growth with effectiveness through regular sessions spanning 12 months. This course offers significant insights into your lifelong journey of experiences, from childhood to adulthood.


• Gain a thorough understanding of your personality
• Analyse your internal processes and workflows
• Identify patterns of behaviour and replace them with new empowering beliefs
• Improve communication and develop healthy boundaries in relationships
• Express emotions in an accurate, measured and healthy way
• Live in the present by utilising problem-solving skills and innate wisdom

Level 3: Advanced
For: Those who have completed the foundation TA course, wanting to pursue competence of psychotherapy.


Certification: Globally recognised certification from International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) if one proceeds towards Certified Transactional Analyst credential.


Duration: 3-4 Years; 1-2 days per month
Enhance your skills and competence in being a psychotherapy practitioner, leading to a credential exam in TA psychotherapy.


• Expand your understanding of multiple TA approaches and theory
• Build a private practice, and get guidance and supervision for your work
• Prepare yourself for the international exam set for accreditation as a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) in Psychotherapy

Widen your professional horizons by transforming core patterns and behaviours. It’s a practical yet deep way to build self-awareness. Transactional analysis is a widely recognised framework to help people and organisations become and remain winners.

For: Managers transitioning to bigger roles/ Managers looking to play bigger games.


Duration: 8 weeks

Mode: Online and 8 live calls
Gear up for a power-packed 8-module course curated by Sailaja to redesign your success at work. Amplify your impact and influence while building relationships and communication competence.


• Evolve yourself to succeed in the rapidly changing environment
• Leverage your core strengths and expand your repertoire of relationship competencies
• Learn strategies to lead with impact and influence with others
• Facilitate personal and team growth through understanding the truth about what motivates us
• Recraft your personal and professional narrative